Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting

Of course, the cocoa beans themselves and how varying amounts of cocoa solids are combined with other ingredients (such as sugar and milk for example) have a big role to play when it comes to how the chocolate we know and love tastes.

We’re all unique too, so your own tasting experience will be yours alone.  You might love a particular flavour, combination of flavours or particular texture that another person dislikes.  The fun lies in discovering these differences.

Chocolate can differ in all sorts of ways; for example, appearance, texture, intensity of colour, aroma, although chocolate doesn’t have the same level of flavour complexity as wine.  But, chocolate tasting, like wine tasting, tends to be considered a little hi-brow, something best confined to specialist, artisan chocolates.

So we’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you get more enjoyment from chocolate and to demonstrate that chocolate tasting can be fun for all.

Hosting a chocolate tasting party can be a fun way of getting together with friends and sharing and contrasting your experience


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