love chocolate

Love chocolate


Have you got a love for chocolate?  Then you will love this section!  Indulge your passion and discover how to get more enjoyment from chocolate.

Tantalise your taste buds and find out about chocolate tasting the  way or take your love of chocolate to new heights and discover more about the subtle differences between different types of chocolate as well as ideas, suggestions and resources to help you get more enjoyment from chocolate.

Do you like to enjoy your favourite chocolate brand in a particular way?  In our How do you eat yours? section you can discover some of the weird and wonderful ways people choose to savour and eat their favourite chocolate, share your own experiences and find out how the people who make Cadbury chocolates eat theirs.

If you simply cannot get enough of all things chocolate, dip into our World of Chocolate and discover even more about this wonderful substance.  Marvel at chocolate art and sculpture and even wearable chocolate apparel and jewellery – you’ll be amazed by what you can do with chocolate and how chocolate has inspired festivals, films, literature and much more.


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